Julie Trelstad, Book Wizard

Better Book Publishing for Professional Writers & Editors

Whether you need to publish a book for yourself or for your client, we love partnering with talented writers, editors, book designers, and other content creators to craft custom, perfectly positioned books.Let’s work together to publish a powerful book (or books!) you’re excited to share with the world.

Julie Trelstad, Book Wizard

Begin with the End in Mind

Maybe you want to be a bestseller, but more likely it's important to share your knowledge, increase your credibility, or simply change the world. Whatever your goal, we work with you to find the optimal publishing solution.

Everything You Need

We're a small but mighty team with a very big network. So no matter what you need in your book journey from editors experienced in your genre to talented illustrators, we have just the right resources for you.

How We're Different

We have a background of supporting both traditionally-published and indie authors, and have experience in most genres from illustrated how-to to children's books, novels, and business books. We're a boutique agency with deep experience, so you can publish with confidence with us.

PaperBacks & Pixels

Expert Book Production

It begins with a read of manuscript, then hiring the just-right editor, and finding the perfect fonts. We build book covers by doing market research and knowing all the ways to print and produce 21st-century books. We're certified and building accessible books, and take pride in creating durable, lasting books.

Assisted Self-Publishing

Your Book. Your Way.

As a publishing services agency and book design studio, we work for you, not the other way around. You will always own 100% of your rights and take 100% of your profits.We support all publishing models and can help you navigate your just-right path.

Work with Us!

Expert Publishing Services

Book Production

Your simple manuscript is ready and edited. What next? This package includes everything you need to go from completed pages to a book in hand.

Publish with Us
  • Manuscript evaluation

  • Publishing Consultation

  • Custom book and cover design

  • Professional proofread

  • Print and upload management

Publishing Team

If you have a complicated project, a book that requires further development, or simply want all the bells and whistles, you can hire our full team to build the book of your dreams. This

  • Manuscript evaluation

  • Publishing coaching

  • Developmental edit or Ghostwrite

  • Book-to-course or course-to-book

  • Copyedit or line edit

  • Sensitivity read

  • Custom book and cover design

  • Professional proofread

  • Print management and procurement

  • Illustration management

  • Rights and permission consultation

  • Marketing plan

  • Audiobook

  • Ongoing support

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Julie Trelstad, Book Wizard


The smell of fresh ink on paper makes Julie swoon. Please don’t ask her what her favorite book is because she loves them all! She believes books create community by spreading ideas and sparking important conversations.Julie started 82 Stories to offer creative and outside-the-box publishing and marketing services for emerging authors and experts who would rather focus on their content than on the publishing process. She’s surrounded herself with a team who love books just as much as she does, and who are also complete geeks about fonts, metadata, and book promotion.After a career in traditional publishing for publishers including Taunton Press and John Wiley & Sons, as well as literary agency Writers House, Julie launched Julie Ink, a digital marketing agency for authors. 82 Stories combines her passion for publishing and book development with marketing.Julie has published over a hundred books and has worked with many authors, publishers, and agents. She’s held the roles of acquisitions editor, marketer, sales person, production editor, digital rights manager, and publisher.

Julie Trelstad, Book Wizard

Awards We've Won

Axiom Business Book Gold AwardParent’s Choice AwardMake Mine a Million Micro-Business Winner

Our Team

Ali Battey, Book Wizard

Ali Battey

Project Manager

Ali is a versatile and unflappable project manager, graphic designer, artist, and writer with a background in print production and book design. Ali has produced the Publisher’s Marketplace Buzz Books print editions, as well as managing dozens of custom books, websites, and email newsletters.

Why 82?

Julie Trelstad, Book Wizard

This tower.

The tallest residential building in NYC was under construction at 111 W. 57th Street when our offices were on the same block at WeWork Labs. Julie studied architecture before getting serious about books.

Julie Trelstad, Book Wizard


It’s been said that a person needs to own at least 80 books to be considered well-read. (Or at least to give the impression of being well-read.) We think that’s far too few, but we like the number.

Julie Trelstad, Book Wizard


In numerology, the number 8 signifies prosperity, which is something we wish for ourselves and our clients. The number 2 is about service to our community and teamwork. Added together, the digits equal 1, the number signifying pioneers.

Stuff We've Done

Since 2017, we’ve worked with nearly 70 authors and published a dozen books.We produce the softcover editions of the Buzz Books for Publisher’s Marketplace. These are compilations of samples of the big publisher’s best books for the upcoming year. The biggest challenge is creating uniform formatting for text that comes from many different sources. The print editions are given away at BEA and Winter Institute, and they showcase Ingram’s Amazing full-color print-on-demand capabilities. You can download and enjoy the ebook editions for free.We’ve run marketing workshops for clients of literary agencies and groups of authors. We believe that authors supporting each other is the best way for all authors to rise and grow their audiences. The beautiful thing about books is they are not expensive and don’t really compete with each other. Readers who buy books buy lots of books, so authors promoting each other is good for everyone. Book a session if you’re interested in learning more.We ran a bookstore at Las Vegas real estate convention. It was an experiment and a lot of fun.