Author Training

Essential Skills for Published Authors

You’ve written your book. Now what? Based on the work that I’ve done with hundreds of authors, I’ve developed a series of training programs designed to help professional authors navigate the difficult terrain of professional book publishing.

All of these courses are online on-demand, and can be taken at your own pace. Group workshop versions of these classes—online or in person—are available. Just ask!


October 2019

This course is designed specifically to empower traditionally-published authors and writers to who plan to query agents and publishers in pursuit of a publishing deal.

When you complete this course, you’ll know:

  • how to approach traditional publishing

  • when you need a literary agent and when you don’t

  • how to read a publishing contract

  • how to best collaborate with your publisher

  • how and when to market your book on social media

  • the publisher’s internal schedule, and how that affects your book launch


Opening Soon

You’ve written your book, but what about your website copy, your email marketing newsletter, Facebook posts, and Tweets?

When you complete this course, you’ll have:

  • website copy that attracts more readers

  • an automatic welcome email sequence that creates relationships with your readers

  • a social media calendar plotted out for a year in advance

  • a personal formula for a monthly email newsletter

  • dozens of tweets, Instagram captions, and pithy Facebook posts ready to delight your audience

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ReADY, Set, WRite Your Book

Opening Soon

There are so many good reasons to to write and a publish a book. But writing and producing a book is a big undertaking. This course provides an expert overview of what you need to know before you approach a book-publishing project.

After taking this course, you’ll know:

  • how to determine which book you ought to write
  • what you need to know before you hire an editor or  a ghostwriter
  • how to choose the right publishing path
  • how to think about the book’s cover, interior design, and publication requirements
  • how to get your book printed and distributed
  • what you need to know about marketing and sales


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